Touring frameset with headset $725

Racing, 56x58cm, #9664, purple with silver fade, Reynolds 853, Campagnolo Daytona Group $2195. (photo above)

Touring Framesets with Reynolds 531ST and Shimano STX Headset, Cantiliver Brake Bosses, $725.
50x53cm, #7191, blue/white pin stripes View Image
54x53cm red, #7197, lugs outlined in white
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Touring with Chorus headset $835. Workmanship inside.

Touring Framesets, Best Lugs, Reynolds 531ST, Campagnolo Chorus Headset, Cantilever Brake Bosses, $835
55x58cm, #7998, orange with lugs outlined in white
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56x58cm, #8032, orange with lugs outlined in white.

Racing or Touring for short reach (45-50mm) brakes, Best Lugs, Reynolds 531, Campagnolo Chorus Headset, $835
56x57cm,#7915, coffee (dark bronze) with lugs outlined in white
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58x59cm, #7900, yellow with chrome head lugs
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Roadracing Framesets, Best Lugs, Reynolds 853 oversized and heat treated, no eyelets, Campagnolo Record Headset, $1,115
54x58cm, #8038, orange with white/blue fade with pin striping
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56x58cm, #9664, purple fade and pin striping, shown built with Daytona at top of page but can be sold separately.
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Matching Pair, 54x57cm, #s 7999 and 8034, silver/red, Best Lugs, Reynolds 853 oversized heat treatd chain stays and seat stays, Reynolds 531 oversized main tubes, one has a Record headset, the other has no headset, sold separately for $925 + $995 = $1920 or together for $1850. For racing, a matching pair is very desireable. Lance Armstrong, racing for Motorola in 1996, had 3 matching (a matching triple) of Merckx road frames.
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