Used Bicycles

It is our philosophy that a high quality handmade used bicycle sold by a reputable dealer who will guarantee it is a better value and less money than a a new massproduction bicycle of lesser quality. High quality bicycles feel better, ride with less effort, are stronger, lighter weight, and are cheaper to maintain than low quality bicycles.
Hallett's World Champion bicycles has had over 100 high quality used bicycles in stock. Most of these were sold by 2004, and there are few left. The prices they sold for and photos have been listed as a reference to those interested.

Prices start at less than $100 for what are called "student transportation" and up to $650 or more for older handmade professional models in very good condition. Some very famous makes of superlative quality or for which there is particular national interest may sell for $1100 or more. A professional bicycle with a provenance (a documented history of having belonged to a famous person or racer) may sell at a 33% premium or more depending on the fame of the person.

We like to stock used mountain bikes with chrome-molybdenum steel (also called aircraft steel) or aluminum frames, old European made lightweight 3 speed and 10 speed roadsters, sport road bikes with chrome-molybdenum steel frames and aluminum rims, and the handmade grades of which we have many. Please see our definition of a handmade bicycle. High quality trade-ins are welcome.

We guarantee that our used bicycles have proper frame and wheel alignment and have been serviced to insure proper function. Each used bicycle carries a 30 day warranty on the metal parts for repair or replacement at our option, and the purchaser also receives a 2 day inspection period for exchange.

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