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Bianchi Bianchi(pronounced bee-aahn-key in Italian) is a
2 time Tour de France winner and 12 time
World Championship winner. It is the world's
oldest bicycle manufacturer and was founded in
1888. Bianchi makes all the popular styles of
adult bicycles from $300 such as mountain bikes,
road bikes, triathlon, track, cyclocross, hybrid,
etc. Some top end models are of hand brazed
construction which is rare among most major
manufacturers these days. Because so much
engineering, time, and effort has gone into
these bicycles over the years, in bicyclist jargon
we say they have a lot of Soul.

KLEIN New pre-Trek Kleins available. Klein developed and marketed the first large diameter aluminum frames in 1976. The quality has never been surpassed. Trek bought the name in 1996.

Woodrup Handmade Cycles have design specifications drawn at our shop by Richard Hallett, and the frames are built in England. All Woodrup bicycles are individually designed and crafted; no two are alike unless they are ordered as a matching pair. The emphasis is on touring style bicycles of hand brazed lugged construction in a wide range of sizes, styles, and custom finishes. Woodrup builds about 250 bicycles per year. Frames start at about $735 for touring frames built of Reynolds 531 and pressed steel lugs. Frames built with Reynolds 853 and precision investment cast lugs are about $1100. Considering the extras, chrome front and rear forkends, headset, and shipping, these prices are about 10-20% less than the current import price, and there is no wait.

In addition to the touring models, I have also specified a "classic racing geometry" as was used in Europe from about 1920 to 1975 for both distance racing and every day riding. This is a period when bicycle racers did not commonly own automobiles, roads were bad, and a day's stage may have been 250 miles long. The head and seat tube angles are those which are used on my vintage bikes and are recommended in the racing books of the era, 72 x 72 degrees. Improvements to the classic racing design are vertical dropouts which eliminate the possibility of axle slip, and the frames have been designed to accomodate modern short reach brakes which are better and easier to find than the old centerpull brakes. The maximum tire size under the fork crown is 700x40c.

A word about top tube lengths: Most of our Woodrup frames have been specified with a slightly shorter or slightly longer top tube length than the current norm in production racing bikes. These lengths are well within historical standards and will be appreciated by people who understand custom frame fitting and design.
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