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Antique bicycles are defined as bicycles built before the year 1912. Bicycles made after that date may be called "collectable", but they are not considered to be antiques in the strict sense. Collecting old bicycles definitely broadens one's horizons. World Champion bicycles has an interesting core collection of about 20 antique bicycles which anyone may view. Only a few are for sale or trade. Several have been left rough and unrestored for good reason. A few of the bicycles which people may find to be interesting are listed here.

1869 Michaux(French) with 100cm wooden front wheel and iron tires. 1870? New York blacksmith made boneshaker of "Calvin Whitty" design.
1878 Columbia serial number 8XX grand old ordinary , pre-ball bearing, 50" solid rubber tire.
1885? Union chain drive safety with solid rubber tires.
1890? Hickory chain drive safety with wooden spokes and 28" pneumatic tires.
1900 Crescent shaft drive safety with wooden rims and 28" pneumatic tires.
1947 Urago (French) 10 speed with Simplex "suicide" shifters.

SOLD1898 Tandem frames, 2 Stearns Yellow Fellows double steering frames with parts, chain drives down center of frame, see Collecting and Restoring Antique Bicycles by G. Donald Adams, page 302. The man - man frame is a very light weight track racing frame, and the lady-front is double steering and convertable to man-man. Both have some problems, so ask. Shipping is not difficult. More photos are available. Sold at auction for $788 for the pair. View man-man View lady-front

1966 Velo Solex (France) front engine moped for parts or restoration. These identical mopeds are made and used in mainland China and Hungary today. New ones are over $900.
Velo Solex also made fine handmade 10 speed bicycles in the 1970's. They were similar but better than Motobecane who eventually bought them. $250
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SOLD--1880? Hillman (English) 53" wheel grand old ordinary, very rideable 30 year old restoration with some non-original replacement parts. $2500

SOLD--1910 ca, 50x54 NEW ENGLAND, antique track bike, wood rims, BSA group, rideable condition, $550.
SOLD--1915? Schwinn, "Victory" head badge, restored and repainted, 28 x 1 1/2 tires, New Departure model C coasterbrake rear hub, very rideable, $550
SOLD--1898? Tandem, man-man double steering, 1930's restoration, $650
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